Xtreme Charge 12v Parallel Charger

Manufacturer: PulseTech
Xtreme Charge 12v Parallel Charger

Intelligent Design

Proprietary microprocessor-controlled technology built into every Xtreme Charge® measures both voltage and current to determine the appropriate amount of charge the battery is able to accept at any given time during the 5-stage process. As the Patented Pulse Waveform and saturation charge improve the battery’s condition, the charge rate may be increased safely to an optimal level. Proprietary algorithms protect the battery from the risk of damage due to overcharging.

The Xtreme Charge also utilizes a variable float charge. PulseTech’s intel- ligent circuitry imposes the correct amount of charge rate as determined by the continual evaluation of the battery’s condition. The charge rate may be as small as 200 mA during typical float up to the full 2.5 A bulk charge for more deeply discharged batteries. This variable float charge ensures optimal charge rate is applied to the battery.

For Multiple Batteries Connected In Parallel

If you own an 18-wheeler, diesel pick-up truck, a generator, a telecom battery backup system or any other application using multiple 12-volt batteries connected in parallel, Xtreme Charge® Parallel was specifically designed to save you time and money.

You get all the same features as the regular Xtreme Charge single battery charger, but you can charge all the batteries connected in parallel at the same time. There’s no need to disconnect the batteries before charging and there’s no need to have more than one charger. That’s because the proprietary microprocessor software has been modified es- pecially for parallel connected batteries. Xtreme Charge Parallel works on every type of 12-volt lead acid battery – standard, AGM, sealed or Gel.

Note: Not designed for single battery use.