PulseTech SolarPulse Series

Manufacturer: PulseTech
PulseTech SolarPulse Series

Works with every type of 12-Volt, lead-acid battery

• Commercial-grade “monocrystalline” cells are 30% smaller per watt and twice as efficient as typical panels.

• Restores and maintains the normal loss of battery power on seldom used vehicles and equipment.

• Patented pulse technology continuously desulfates batteries as it charges.

All of PulseTech's SolarPulse® family models utilize their unrivaled solar charging system combined with their patented optimized high frequency pulsing circuit to ensure your unused batteries will start when you need them and last up to five times longer.

If you’ve used solar chargers before, you know it’s important to choose the right solar panel for the amount of power you need and the size and place of the mounting location. In the past, to get the power you needed you had to struggle with panels that were too big, too bulky and too fragile. With SolarPulse, you can get the power you need with the most installation options for your outdoor vehicles or equipment. SolarPulse’s higher efficiency, higher quality monocrystalline silicone cells pack more power per square inch than standard amorphous “thin film” cells and are more durable than polycrystalline cells. That means you can get the power you need in a sturdier, smaller sized solar panel.

Instead of a breakable glass coating, SolarPulse’s solar panels are protected with a clear, polyurethane plastic coating that makes them virtually indestructible and impervious to weather, aging and damage from bumps and knocks. Choose the power you need from 5-Watt, 2-Watt, or 6-Watt models.