PulseTech PowerPulse Series

Manufacturer: PulseTech
PulseTech PowerPulse Series

Applies Patented Pulse Technology

Increases battery life by up to 5X 

Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries charge faster 

Works on all lead-acid batteries including conventional flooded, sealed maintenance free, AGM, Gel cell, antimony, hybrid and calcium-plate designs 

Safe, reliable and weatherproof

PowerPulse® is not a charger. Charging doesn’t eliminate the main cause of premature battery failures energy robbing sulfate deposits on battery plates. During this process, the plates gradually become more and more clogged with microscopic lead sulfate deposits. These deposits eventually limit the surface area available for energy transfer and cut back the battery’s ability to accept, store and release energy.

PowerPulse generates an intermittent, optimized high frequency pulse that reduces existing sulfate deposits and keeps them from building up again. The patented pulse technology circuit dramatically improves your battery’s ability to accept and keep a charge and extend your battery’s life.

This small, weatherproof product can be used as a supplement to your existing charging system. You don’t need an electrical outlet because PowerPulse draws a small portion of the current from the battery. Accordingly, it should only be used on vehicles or equipment that is regularly used and frequently charged.

PowerPulse is available in four models, each with a five-year limited warranty.